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"If you can channel that into ski racing, it's possibly something that could make a difference."BODE MILLER does not sit still very well. So one afternoon after training, Bode heads to the town of Vail to play tennis with Morgan, Kenney and Carey.The sport has been a mainstay in the Miller family for decades, with Bode's grandparents starting the Tamarack Tennis Camp in New Hampshire in the 1960s. Bode himself was a state high school singles champion and each year hosts a tennis tournament at Tamarack to raise money for the Turtle Ridge Foundation, his nonprofit that supports adaptive and youth sports programs. She guesses today is the 10th time she's picked up a racquet."Honey," she says to her husband before they begin, "you're going to have to do something to make me better."Miller hates playing here, moaning that the elevation messes with the flight of the ball.The sudden death of his younger brother, Chelone, a professional snowboarder with Olympic dreams of his own. It gets old after a while."My job is to prove Miller wrong. I was 14." Replies her husband, "I was in my second Olympics."A few minutes later, Morgan's phone rings. "If it was a guy, you'd just be like, 'I knew that already, f---er.' And that would be it."As Morgan talks to her friend, I ask Bode about one of his scariest moments on the side of a mountain. "When the couple first met in May 2012, Morgan wanted no part. He unbuckles his custom-made boots and unzips his sponsor-splashed racing suit. When Miller went on "60 Minutes" in 2006 and told the world he had skied drunk, some questioned whether he should represent his country at the Olympics. For years now, we've tried to fit Miller into a nice, neat box. -- With more than two hours before another race in possibly his final World Cup season, Bode Miller sits at a table in a Beaver Creek lodge and waits. In the middle of all this motion, he begins."This sport is so f---ing stupid," Miller says. And people don't always like that."It would seem that this is exactly what we want from our athletes. And when he failed to medal in Torino but explained that he partied at "an Olympic level," he was labeled one of the biggest U. Only there's a problem."There is no box unless he built the box," says his close friend Aubrey Marcus.He's already blown through his inspection on the Birds of Prey course. He's done this in his own stubborn, hard-headed, outspoken way. "The whole setup just doesn't make any sense."FOUR DAYS EARLIER, some 30 miles down Interstate 70 in Copper Mountain, Colo., fluffy, quarter-sized snowflakes fill the midday sky. I introduce myself to Morgan and almost immediately the sales pitch begins: Nobody understands her husband."Anyone who takes the time to get to know him has a completely different perspective," she says. "There is not a box that would fit the man."The first time I met Bode Miller, he told me sports writing sucks.

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Miller was diving all over the place, cutting up his hands and doing everything he could to win.

There were the crystals Chilly and his friends would gather in the desert.