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These numbers decline with age and in some women they decline abnormally rapidly.

Thus, the AFC is used in conjunction with the indirect tests of ovarian reserve.

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The number of follicles, each containing one egg, which is available in the ovarian pool relates to the chance of success of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Assistant Attorney General Gail Heatherly, chief of the review bureau, wrote a letter last month to Thidobeau's lawyers and to prosecutors saying her office was involved "in the hope that the discovery provided and the investigation performed in this 20-year-old case is as complete as is humanly possible." The documents include a request to local law enforcement agencies for any reports related to the case, and the police agencies' responses."https:// When have you seen them ever in upstate NY help on any case other than Doyle's? Now I wonder just what the hell the jury was thinking..anything at all. Stinson is thinking about how some people may ask how did you NOT see anything? I always wondered about the cash register time, money and testimony.

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The AG's Conviction Review Bureau filed papers this week in the Oswego County Clerk's office revealing the state prosecutors' involvement for the first time. He saw him...alone, watched him leave...alone and never saw a kidnapping or Gary while he was there. But you stated that you never saw anyone or any cars. I always wondered hoe Dodd could have even taken them to court without ANY evidence or witness that puts them there.

The antral follicle count or AFC must be done when the follicles have not begun to grow.