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31-Aug-2017 15:17

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I pushed her for answers that might explain those abs.

“At forty-three, I had to get my thinking right,” she said.

“I had to shift into the powerful person I really was inside.

I was a fast-food junky, and I’d been in an abusive marriage for years, but I didn’t feel like I could escape. Not until I realized that I really wanted to be myself more than anything else was I able to finally make a change.”Here are a few changes to your lifestyle that Wendy suggests:1. Wendy doesn’t have anything in her house that will lure her away from her healthy eating.

“The beauty of having been on the planet for several decades is you know yourself, what makes you feel good, and how to achieve that feeling,” explains fitness-buff Wendy Ida.

Wendy feels that pursuing fitness in middle age is double-edged.

Now sixty-one, Wendy has simply found what she’s passionate about—eating right, and staying fit and healthy.

She loves how she feels, what she does, and who she helps.

The two shift from one to the other almost imperceptibly. She entered her first bodybuilding competition at age fifty-seven, and she took first place in the forty-five and up bracket. Culver City, and she’s received innumerable other awards and honors.