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Preliminary bear monitoring data from that fall state this bear was an older subadult or young adult at the time.

I may be splitting hairs or misunderstanding Dave’s intent, but note that Ranger Dave said, “This is believed to be 611” when he posted the photo.

With temperatures near freezing on Monday, I wasn’t going to find any snakes, but over a fifty mile round trip—from Skagit River to the end of the road near Baker Lake—I found more than enough to hold my attention.

After a mere two miles of pedaling, I found a reason to pause.

Perhaps there’s still some uncertainty regarding the ID.

Filling in the gaps of who’s who at Brooks River can be difficult, and it isn’t possible to identify every bear with certainty.

Before his seasonal position ended this fall, Ranger Dave from Katmai posted photos of several bears who were seen along the river, but were unknown or unrecognized by webcam viewers.

Assuming Ranger Dave’s IDs are correct, which they are much more often than not, the unknown bear in the GIF above could be #611. According to my notes, he was first identified in 2015, but only in September and October not in July.

Ice crystals are altered and deformed like plastic putty, so much so that only the upper 30 meters of temperate glaciers are brittle.

Without a fixed agenda though, I’m more open to discovery.

Why, for example, would anyone pass on the chance to see a baby snake?

Last July on bearcam, we witnessed the ascent of 32 Chunk in the hierarchy at Brooks Falls.

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Chunk was the largest bear to consistently use the falls in July, and most bears didn’t challenge him.

Will he challenge other adult males for fishing spots or will he avoid confrontation more often than not?