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Since that date we have had a positive discussion with Continuum’s reporting engineers.Datto and Storage Craft engineers have also been hard at work designing and implementing patches.Throughout this letter, I’ll discuss the way we make decisions about security generally and how we reevaluate prior decisions as the threat landscape changes over time.Summary of Reported Vulnerabilities The first vulnerability exploits the agent device pairing mechanism to allow a rogue user on the same local network as an agent, who is using a secondary Datto appliance or impersonating a Datto appliance, to pair with an agent.Once a patch is ready, we incorporate it into our immediate next software release.

Timeline and Discussion of Current Disclosures The two vulnerabilities referenced above were reported to Datto on October 25th by Continuum Managed Services.

As such, this letter discloses some details of the vulnerabilities and provides clear mitigation steps if you determine you are at risk.

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