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There are pooches a plenty in flight with dogs making themselves comfy on owners' laps while other more pampered puppies enjoy luxury air travel on board private jets.It isn't just domestic animals who have to catch a flight, with one image showing a service pony joining passengers and even a penguin takes a seat in the cockpit.The mansion is made for entertainment with its nightclub, casino, themed bedrooms and a custom screening room.Twitter went into meltdown on Monday after the president took the awkward swig of water while unveiling his new national security strategy in front of military service members in Washington, D. While some suggested he was cradling the glass or 'president sippy cup' because of his 'tiny hands', many were concerned the movement could be evidence of a serious degenerative disorder such as dementia.

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Three people were killed and around 100 were injured when the train hurtled off an overpass Monday near Tacoma and spilled some of its cars onto the highway below on a route that had raised safety concerns. Think before you ink is clearly the message being offered by this disastrous collection of tattoos.Friends of the victim had insisted that her beloved pets would never have killed her, saying the dogs would 'kill you with kisses', and suggesting Stephens could have been murdered.