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Having filmed with Michelle, Ka Yiu adds that she is too busy filming to eat hot pot now so it must be the meals that she is eating at the TVB canteen that is causing her to put on weight.

However, Michelle reveals the reason and laughs at Ka Yiu as she says: "You are wrong, I did sneak out to have hot pot without telling you! Michelle Ye has become the latest signing as a slimming spokesperson after successfully losing 17 lbs and wearing bikinis and low cut dresses for the first time in her new set of ads.

Middle Left: Michelle was about to be beheaded, while speaking her last words with her maid, she kidded by saying, "Hung Leung, help me by adjusting the criminal name plate on my back." And Myolie who was trying to cry already, adjusted the plate while adjusting her mood to prepare for crying.

Middle: Michelle was just smiling a while ago, but the second you look back at her, her eyes were red already, comparing with Myolie's large motions, it made the comparison of one active and one quiet.

I have sold my body to the comapny, so the company managers should help me find a boyfriend as well." Currently filming for "Destinies of the Western Chamber", she says that if she has to film on that day, then she will be celebrating in the studio with Kenneth Ma, who has his birthday on February 13th. maybe she dunt really wuhnt tew,since iht interferes wit her personal life.. Seeing her wearing her ancient criminal's costume, Michelle looked rather tired, but she smiled: "I had a fever a few days ago, so my sickly look will tie in with the scene."As well as having a fever, Michelle was injured during filming with Ron two weeks ago and hurt the little finger of her right hand.

As for birthday wishes, she says: "I hope that everyone is healthy and I have a lover next year. =(habnt gotten a date since she joined.she get a date dihz year? The wound later became infected and she thought that she might have tetanus.

Although she was still sporting a leg injury during the shoot, she still continued professionally, wearing high heels for the pictures.

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Top: The two sisters hug and cry, the scene was definitely heartbreaking, it made Di See Mui's eyes have some tears in it.

So I am thinking of asking Myolie Wu to be my matchmaker because she helped to pair up a friend before and I hope that she can introduce me to a good man. She also admits that she doesn't drink enough soup, only getting what other people share with her, so she will maybe ask her housekeeper to make her some soup. i sense that michelle will have a crying scene to show us..