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These older queries are posted here as a research aid, but the e-mail addresses are old too and may no longer work. Any help appreciated mailto: [email protected] Looking for descendants of Galliton MARTIN (ca 1800 - 17 Sept 1883) who lived in Benton Co., AR from before 1860 until his death. IAW 1880 census, Newton and James were living in Colville township, Benton County. Diles Fri 02 Aug 96 Myrtle Evelyn Crabtree, born 19 Sept. 9/18/96 Larry Keith Specific to Benton County is the family of William Bird and Sarah Ruth (May) KEITH.

Please do not contact us for current e-mail addresses as these are the only ones we have. He married Christina STRICKLER in about 1833/4 and had a large family. mailto: Sea [email protected] SPADDEN My Wife's father - James Walter Mc Spadden, son of Samuel Crookshanks Mc Spadden and Mary Elvira Jane (Mc Spadden) Mc Spadden was born in Rogers, Benton Co., AR. This family settled in Benton in the 1830's, and produced 13 children there.

Needless to say, thanks to BV I severed contact with him and have not heard from him since. ""It found my photos on Flickr, my Amazon wishlist, my public Foursquare records, Vimeo, Picassa, and Stumbleupon accounts.

It grabbed approximately twelve bajillion photos of me (with many, many false positives) and even more web links.""Been Verified easily and inexpensively provides access to public records information through its website and several mobile phone applications.

George Washington Payne 1873-1957 1st Wife Millie Cook 2nd Wife Sally Northcut 3. I would appreciate information as to how I might find out if they did. While none were born in Benton county, most appear to have been married there ... John Robert Neeland Sat Jul 27 1996 Information on family of Anna J(eanne? Would like her death date and burial place (winter of 1919-1920) She was the wife of Theron L. at least once :-) Alysse Lemery Rasmussen Tue Jul 23 1996 W(illiam)? He died in or near Siloam Springs, Benton County, AR before 1895. George Curtis Payne 1911-Present Nedra Madge Wilderman 1914- 4.

Jacqueline Loundean Brooks Charles Kern 1930-Present 5.

Turns out this guy had been charged with indecent exposure and was on parole.""I used Been Verified to check into a guy that I had met online.