Creating cursors in sql and updating each line in cursor Free local sex text chat

13-Nov-2017 13:59

It also takes a look at record types, which enable you to work with records that are not necessarily related to a relational table.PL/SQL makes it very easy to declare records that have the same structure as a table, a view, or the result set of a cursor by offering the %ROWTYPE attribute.Because only one exception can be raised at a time in a session, it doesn’t make any sense to allow you to check for two (or more) exceptions in a single handler.For full explanations of both of these answers, visit, register or log in, and click the Closed/Taken tab in Play a Quiz.This way, when and if the SELECT list of the cursor changes, the number and type of fields in the record will change accordingly and everything will stay in sync.Once you have declared a record in your block, you can both read and change the record’s value.

creating cursors in sql and updating each line in cursor-55

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creating cursors in sql and updating each line in cursor-55

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But what if you want to change the contents of a row in a table by using a record?

It’s rare, in fact, that the data with which you are working is just a single value, so records and other composite datatypes are likely to figure prominently in your PL/SQL programs.