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03-Jan-2018 19:43

While the provided software is easy enough to use, it's impossible to stitch multiple files together within it, and trying to merge them together somewhere else and then load them in here doesn't work because, again, each segment needs to be perfectly synchronized, meaning you need to edit both left and right simultaneously.

So, if you want to take a bunch of short clips and throw them together, you have your work cut out for you.

We'd have loved to see some sort of simple connector built into the 3D mount that paired the two in some way, ensuring that they start and stop at exactly the same time and that the resulting file names are the same.

Without that joining them can be a painful, manual affair.

AAs surely add some bulk and heft to the thing (indeed it is a bit chubbier than the Contour HD), but replacing them in the field is of course a snap, and Tachyon promises some extreme longevity: up to 12 hours on a pair of cells.

We didn't get that far, but we did clock upwards of five hours and the battery gauge is showing full. Tachyon also sells a rechargeable battery pack if you're so inclined.

There's also a mini USB port for pulling off files and a proprietary TV output jack as well.

A small rubber gasket encircles the rim of that hatch, enabling this camera to work underwater without an exterior case.

Pair that with the considerable wind resistance the combination generates at speed and, well, it's safe to say you'll notice their presence -- unless you happen to have a neck that's frequently mistaken for a tree trunk.

That said, if you don't mind the extra heft it's quite possible to ride, walk, swim, or whatever with the cams attached to your head, as we managed to do for a few separate videos.

(see excerpts of his sworn testimony in Appendix 1).… continue reading »

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